The introduction of remote deposit capture to blue banks security system

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Remote Capture Resource Center

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Remote deposit

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How the Public Is Misled Into Believing

The Bank of America Small Business Remote Deposit Online Service is governed by our Small Business Remote Deposit Online Service Agreement which you can access through the Important Customer Documents link.

Deposit checks directly from your place of business with Remote Deposit. Simply scan checks right at your desktop using a small scanner that electronically sends the images to United Security Bank for deposit. How does the MidCountry Bank DeposIT system work?

Remote Deposit Capture

A small check scanner will be connected to your computer and your business will be given access to the application. To deposit checks, you log on to the DeposIT website and run your checks through the scanner.

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Mobile image capture is conducted through a downloadable application on a mobile device, which turns a smartphone into a deposit-making device. The depositor uses the phone’s camera to snap a picture of the front and back of each check, then submits the images electronically to the financial institution.

Retail Payment Systems The introduction of remote deposit capture to blue banks security system
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