Introduction to the poka yoke method

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Poka-yoke - Mistake proofing

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What is the Poka Yoke Technique?

It shares a similar framework with many other methodologies, including phases for problem definition and solution review and implementation. Applying simple Poka Yoke ideas and methods in product and process design can eliminate both human and mechanical errors.

The flexibility of Poka Yoke allows for it not to be costly. For example, Toyota’s goal is to implement each mistake-proofing device for under $ In the manufacturing industry, there are two types of Poka Yoke: Control Poka Yoke and Warning Poka Yoke.

Control Poka Yoke is more ideal.

Poka Yoke: 4 Steps of How to Set up Mistake Proofing【Toyota Production System】

By changing process steps or tweaking your tools, Control Poka Yoke is to make it mechanically impossible for a mistake to happen in your process. The contact method identifies product defects by testing the product's shape, size, color, or other physical attributes.

The fixed-value (or constant number) method alerts the operator if a certain number of movements are not made. Poka-yoke: improving product quality by preventing defects. Introduction to Poka Yoke.

Poka Yoke is a quality assurance technology developed by the Japanese Manufacturing engineer Shigeo Shingo.

The Goal of Poka Yoke is to eliminate product defects by preventing or correcting errors as early as possible. Poka Yoke is. Poka-Yoke method is a simple technique which allows you to reach just such a production [10]. Technical aspect of Poka-Yoke method Poka-Yoke technique can be applied both to prevent causes, which will result in subsequent occurrences of errors and to carry out inexpensive control determining whether to adopt or reject the product.

Introduction to the poka yoke method
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What is the Poka Yoke Principle and what are the Benefits? - Latest Quality