An introduction to the vernon social center at trinity college

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Trinity College (Connecticut)

May 14 – 19, Vacation College is a wonderful opportunity to combine a Cottey experience with personal enrichment, and have some fun along the way. TASTE OF WISE – The 8th Annual Taste of Wise is p.m. today at the Decatur Conference Center. For $10, you can sample food, drinks and appetizers from restaurants across the county.

There will also be live entertainment, door prizes and cash giveaways. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Vernon Street is the location of most of the campus' cultural houses and Greek organizations, as well as Vernon Social Center. Important buildings on campus Mather Hall – located just south of Hamlin Hall (the southern terminus of the long walk), Mather Hall is the main student center of Trinity College.

Vernon Social Center, Trinity College

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An introduction to the vernon social center at trinity college
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