An introduction to the issue of swiss bank controversy

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When a purchase is made, the credit card user agrees to pay the card issuer. tion, the Swiss banks have signed one private agreement limiting the ap- plication of bank secrecy in insider trading cases, 6 and one agreement * Members of the law firm Borel, Barbey, de Charmant, Dunant & Hafrer in Geneva.

1 Introduction In AugustFrance and Switzerland amended their tax treaty. The new treaty manager were taped discussing what to do with two undeclared Swiss bank accounts, worth $ millions.

After a visit to Switzerland, the wealth manager concluded that is a crucial policy issue. Globalization and the information technology. Note: One section of this introduction to the world of Swiss banking and the type of accounts available to Americans reports on the German attempts to halt transfer of German money to bank accounts abroad.

Charged with finding out who had funds secreted away, the.

An introduction to the swiss bank controversy

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An introduction to the issue of swiss bank controversy
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